Updates specific to Japan

25 Mar 2011 NOAA (MAP) Japan: Power Supply Shortage - Nighttime Lights(25 Mar 2011)
25 Mar 2011 WHO FAQs: Japan nuclear concerns - Drinking water safety
25 Mar 2011 CSIS Response to Japan’s March 11 Disaster: When the Going Gets Tough
25 Mar 2011 IFRC Japan: Relief provided by Red Cross is more than just food and blankets
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Agriculture Security
Shelter and Non-food Items Water & Sanitation
Coordination and Support Services Education
Food Health
Infrastructure and Rehabilitation Mine Action
Protection / Human Rights / Rule of Law Refugees and IDPs

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Key DocumentsEdit

23 Mar 2011 NY Times What Aid Makes Sense for Japan?
23 Mar 2011 OCHA Japan: Earthquake & Tsunami - Situation Report No. 12
22 Mar 2011 OCHA Japan: Earthquake & Tsunami, Situation Report No.11
21 Mar 2011 JPF Appeal to International NGOs for Disaster-related Activities in East Japan
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25 Mar 2011 NOAA Japan: Power Supply Shortage - Nighttime Lights(25 Mar 2011) (PDF, 440 Kb)
24 Mar 2011 PDC Japan: Hydrology and Flow Accumulation Near Fukushima Daiichi PP (as of 23 Mar 2011) (PDF, 2247 Kb)
23 Mar 2011 Logistics ClusterWFP Japan: Tsunami affected Areas and Evacuation Zone in the Sendai Region (23 Mar 2011) (PDF, 1328 Kb)
23 Mar 2011 MapAction Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Urban Search and Rescue (as of 23 Mar 2011) (PDF, 1178 Kb)
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22 Mar 2011 Piping 3D CAD (SP3D) Administrator

Development Executive Group

22 Mar 2011 Piping 3D CAD (PDS) Administrator

Development Executive Group

06 Dec 2010 Internship


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Personal security for hostile environments

Essential Field Training Japan, Course Date on demand Kenya, Course Date on demand Kyrgyzstan, Course Date on demand Kuwait, Course Date on demand Uganda, Course Date on demand Madagascar, Course Date on demand Malawi, Course Date on demand Monaco, Course Date on demand Nepal, Course Date on demand Netherlands (the), Course Date on demand United Arab Emirates (the), Course Date on demand Pakistan, Course Date on demand Syrian Arab Republic (the), Course Date on demand Malaysia, Course Date on demand Philippines (the), Course Date on demand Yemen, Course Date on demand Senegal, Course Date on demand Sri Lanka, Course Date on demand Sudan (the), Course Date on demand Switzerland, Course Date on demand

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Top 5 Natural Disasters reported
Disaster Date Total affected Number of people
Earthquake* 1995 541,636
Flood 2000 360,110
Storm 2005 270,140
Storm 2004 180,050
Storm 2000 180,041

Source of data: OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database
Data version: vv11.08 *: Including tsunami
Data displayed does not imply national endorsement.

Anshuman Bhardwaj 06:45, March 26, 2011 (UTC)

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